In-Swing Latch Protector LP300 12" Steel, Gray Painted

SKU: LP300

  • 12" Length
  • Durable Gray Painted Steel, can be field painted to match your door and hardware
  • Includes one-way tamper proof screws for installation
  • Protects the latch on inward swing wood or metal door from being pried open
  • Great for apartments, garage, interior doors, safe room, panic room door latch
  • Latch protector fastens to the Door and frame for security
  • Guards the latch of any inward swinging door

This latch shield is constructed of durable steel and comes in an appealing gray painted finish which can be field painted to match your existing door and hardware. It features an interlocking design to prevent access by forced entry on swing-in doors. This latch shield is designed for use with in-swinging doors and it can be used on residential, commercial and industrial applications. This Latch Protector can be mounted on wood and metal door systems. This item is complete with one-way, tamper-proof screws for use on jamb-mounted bracket. Installation is as easy as; present in place, mark holes, pre-drill and install. Note: A one-way driver bit or large flat head screw driver may be necessary to drive in one-way tamper resistant screws in lieu of a regular flat head screw driver.


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